5 Things Your Google Listing Needs To Actually Start Generating Real Revenue For Your Business

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I’m a media buyer by trade. I’ve literally spent millions of dollars on Google. Which, if you’re unfamiliar, means I pay for people to click on my ads. Ads are 1 of the 3 top selections when you search for anything on Google. I had actually made an entire living by being really good at this.


People would pay me from $2000 - $4000 a month, depending on the client, so that I could help them make money using Google.


It’s a lot right? But I would bring in more money than I got paid, so it was a great relationship for everyone.


Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret that media buyers are going to HATE that I told you.


People aren’t converting, meaning they’re not making a call or taking a specific action that you want, on these ads anymore. (well...at least not as much.) There’s been a shift in what people decide to actually ‘convert on.’


Here’s the secret….


People prefer clicking on a Google Listing than actual ads.


I’ll explain…


Think about the last few times that you looked for a restaurant, dentist, or anything with a physical location on Google.


Did you choose the top 3 selections or did you go to the listings that look like this:



You clicked on a listing right?


Whether you’re looking for a dentist, a restaurant, or a massage therapist, you probably use Google Listings to choose where you want to spend your money. This is becoming the new norm.


So if the only thing you need to do to ‘win the game’ is make sure your Google Listing is near the top and being clicked on when people search for keywords about your business, then how do you do that?


I’m going to go over 5 things your Google Listing needs to actually start generating real revenue for your business.


#1: There’s literally a score Google gives you. Get a good score, make more money.


There’s literally a score that Google gives you that needs to be really, really good in order for you to start making money with your listing.


Didn’t know Google was giving you a score for your listing? Well they are.


It’s called an inaccuracy score.


An ‘inaccuracy score’ is the score Google gives you after scanning the whole web and seeing how well your business is congruent across all platforms.


In other words, Google really likes it when your information is congruent and squeaky clean across all platforms.


Google listings which have a 0-5% inaccuracy score are already strides ahead of every other business (I wouldn’t be surprised if yours was over 20%), and they’re probably already making real money on their listing just because they bothered to make sure their score was good.


The difference between a listing full of inaccuracies and a nearly perfect listing could be compared to these 2 back yards:


Google will put the perfect listing over the messy listing every single time - and the perfect listing will be making the money.


Want to see what your Google Listing ‘inaccuracy score’ is?


Click here.


Want to know how to get your inaccuracy score down to 0-5%? Click here to talk to an On Launch representative for a few minutes and find out exactly how.


#2: Google actually gives you better traffic when you interact closer with your customers.


Google’s algorithm changes all the time, but one thing that will always remain as a strong influencer is how your business interacts with your customers.


The business that quickly responds to things like reviews, will be favored in Google’s eyes and perform better.


However, the Google algorithm is actually really weird about what they want to see.


I’m going to reveal a secret that most business don’t know about.


Google actually wants you to respond to reviews with actual comments 60-70% of the time. That’s the sweet spot to show Google that you care, but have you not look like a bot.


So respond to 60-70% of your reviews and you’ll be hitting the sweet spot and bringing in more revenue. (If you wish you could comment easily across all platforms like yelp, google, etc. click here to learn how by signing up to talk with an On Launch rep.)


#3: You need to update the information on your Google Listing constantly to show Google that you’re optimizing your listing and giving a better experience to your customers.


Believe it or not, updating your information with things like Holiday Hours, Seasonal messages, and things of this nature are important.


It shows Google that you care about your customers having the best experience possible.


If you haven’t edited your Listing in the last 90 days then you’re probably not getting as good of results as you SHOULD be getting.


So update your listing with a Happy Holidays and any important announcements you may have. And if only a few people saw it, who cares.


Google is seeing your interest in giving your customers the best experience possible.


#4: For every one star rating increase, it can mean 5-9% increase in annual revenue (Harvard Yelp study 2016).


Yes, Harvard did a HUGE study on the impact that a 1 star increase does to business.


Are you surprised that it makes a big impact?


They proved that a 1 star increase really will increase revenue by 5-9% annually.


Can you imagine what a 5-9% increase would do to your business?


If you want to know how to make this happen quickly and effectively on your Google Listing, Yelp, and more, then click hereto schedule a time to talk with an On Launch rep.


#5: Use a platform to match lock your business listing information to keep info from being changed from outside sources.


We talked about your ‘inaccuracy score’ already. That score was #1 for a reason. It’s really really important that your business has an inaccuracy score under 5%.


So it’s actually really important that you have a platform to make sure that your information is locked and perfectly congruent across all platforms.


You probably thought that your information was already locked and that you had the same information listed across the whole web, but most businesses have inaccuracy scores over 20%!


If you missed it above, go ahead and scan your business here to see how your business is doing.


There are a couple of different options you could have as far as platforms.


On Launch provides every tool that your business needs to be dominating in this area and we make sure we increase your annual revenue the very first year.


Now that you know what you need to do to make your Listing actually profitable for you, act now.


Make this a checklist for your business. Go and get these things done and you’ll see the growth that will happen in your business.